Kara plays songs written from a 21st century perspective that have come out of the folk traditions of England, Ireland, France, and Spain, all being countries in which she has lived in the course of her none too short life.

Her show, which is ideal for clubs, lazy festival afternoons or late cabaret, consists of songs from her recently released album 'A Short Study On The Nature of Love and Drink', plus some old ones and some new ones, and stories that often as not start “I met a man in a bar”.


Quotes and Reviews

"Kara is a talented singer songwriter who is sure to please audiences wherever she plays. Her lovely singing is tastefully accompanied by her sympathetic guitar playing and she plays a mean fiddle too ! Her songs are pithy, thought provoking and humerous. The audience loved her at her recent performance at the historic Great Bow Wharf building in Somerset. Too good to miss."

- Laurie Phillips

Kara J Richards – NEW ALBUM - ‘a short study on the nature of love and drink’ - "The album cleverly showcases Richard’s songwriting and vocal talent with an equal mix of ballads and accomplished musicality. The smoky songs evoke a lady down on her luck, propping up the bar in the early hours of a downtown European bar. While the up tempo tunes lead you next door to the session; featuring some of the finest musicians coming forward to awe. No beats here my friends, but a host of rhythms, subtle harmonies and evocative story telling. The album’s title track ‘a short study of the nature of love and drink’ is my personal favorite, an intimate lullaby, a little journey unto itself."

- Tasha Child

 Kara  J Richards - Autobiography

The only time I remember my Dad saying anything nice about me was one day when he heard me singing along to the Joan Baez album Come From The Shadows, an album which, along with Bob Dylan's greatest hits double album in a beautiful wine red sleeve and Joni Mitchell’s Blue, formed what I would call my Religious Education.

It was about this time that I fell desperately in love with my class teacher who played the guitar and sang Don McLean's Vincent. He left after his first year to pursue a career as a musician. I was heartbroken and started to write songs.

My first “big” break came when I was 10. Our class teacher, an Irish lady called Ronnie Sullivan, helped me and a couple of classmates, Robin Cook (he was big on Elvis and played a mean guitar) and Alistair Cook (no relation, and more of a classical guitarist) to form a Peter, Paul and Mary style trio called The New Forest Rovers, which quickly became the star act of the school Friday afternoon performance assembly. This being well before the days when “appropriate behaviour” was expected of school teachers, Ronnie got us a slot at a pub where the local Irish band The Little People played on a Sunday night. We played a repertoire of murder ballads and folk songs. It was here that I discovered that crisps and coke (at this stage the brown fizzy type) were freely available to performing artists.

The rest of my education was frankly a waste of resources and probably most unpleasant for the poor lost souls who were charged with the task of inflicting it on me. Luckily Margaret Thatcher took control of the country and a generation rejoiced in the impossibility of respectable employment.

I first went busking in a subway in Southampton that went between the car park and the art school. I was with my friend Ju, who sort of played the penny whistle. We needed money to buy supplies for a screen printing project (‘Take What You Want And Leave The Rest’, ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’).

In 1983, on the day that Mrs T. got elected for the second time, I hitchhiked to Stonehenge Free Festival. I had a tent, a sleeping bag, home made dungarees (from the screen printing project) and a 12 string Eko. It was left handed, so just about impossible to tune. We were welcomed by a big banner proclaiming “WE ARE THE PEOPLE OUR PARENTS WARNED US ABOUT”. 

To continue reading Kara's Autobiography please visit her website located at: www.karajrichardsong.wix.com


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